One Line Partners is looking for a single business to acquire and operate over the long term. Unlike private equity firms, One Line's principals take an active role in the day-to-day management of its companies.


How We Add Value

Hands On Approach - When One Line Partners acquires a company, one if its principles will enter the business and dedicate 100% of his time, resources, and attention toward growing that business over a long period of time, providing a level of support and attention that other investment groups cannot. This creates truly aligned incentives between the principals, its investors, and sellers with whom we partner.

Experienced Track Record - Our principals and investor group have collectively invested in dozens of companies in the lower-middle market. We have a history of building meaningful businesses and creating value for our shareholders.

Long Term - One Line Partners takes a long-term view towards value creation, giving us the flexibility to make decisions in a way that may that meaningfully creates value. We don't flip companies, we build them.

We are looking for businesses with the following characteristics:


  • $5-$50 million in revenue
  • $1-$5 Million EBITDA
  • High Profit Margins >15%
  • History of strong and predictable cash flows
  • Low CapEx need


  • Contractually recurring revenue and/or high customer retention
  • Growing customer base
  • Dedicated employees
  • Health Care, Tech-Enabled Services (SaaS), or Financial Services


  • Private owner looking to retire or gain liquidity
  • Wishes to step away from daily management
  • Wishes to see company continue to grow

Our geographic targets include anywhere within the United States.

Who We Are

Get to know the partners, Woody and Alex, and the individuals backing them. 

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Why Us

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