One Line Partners provides operational and financial support to business owners. Unlike most private equity firms, One Line's principals take an active role in the day-to-day management of its companies.


How We Add Value

Hands On Approach - Unlike most private equity firms who use "hired guns" to manage their investments, our principals take an active leadership role within the companies they invest, dedicating 100% of their attention to their companies. This creates truly aligned incentives between the principals, its investors, and sellers with whom we partner.

Experienced Track Record - Our principals and investor group has collectively invested in dozens of companies in the lower-middle market. We have a history of building meaningful businesses and creating value for our shareholders.

Long Term - One Line Partners takes a long-term view towards value creation, giving us the flexibility to make decisions in a way that may that meaningfully creates value. We don't flip companies, we build them.

We are looking for businesses with the following characteristics:


  • $5-$50 million in revenue
  • $1-$5 Million EBITDA
  • High Profit Margins >15%
  • History of strong and predictable cash flows
  • Low CapEx need


  • Contractually recurring revenue and/or high customer retention
  • Growing customer base
  • Dedicated employees
  • Health Care, Tech-Enabled Services (SaaS), or Financial Services


  • Private owner looking to retire or gain liquidity
  • Wishes to step away from daily management
  • Wishes to see company continue to grow

Who We Are

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Why Us

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